Everyone knows by now that the Toggle Coat is the number one must-have for fall.  As I walk down the city streets I’d see the “toggle brigade” coming toward me.  I wondered if I would join and I finally did.  I searched high and low, from Prada to Burberry, from New  York to Chicago.  I finally found the ultimate one at Uniqlo in the J+ collection by Jil Sander.  It comes in charcoal grey, and heather blue.  I bought the interesting blue version.  The quality and fit is perfect and so was the price.  Go fetch this quickly and join the ranks!

3 responses to “TOGGLE TACKLED!

  1. Sweet! I used to have one yr’s ago! I have brought out my P-Coat as well! 🙂

  2. Silver Fox….we love to High-Low and uniqlo is a perfect place to do just that! Good call!

  3. The Toggle Brigade – hahaha

    Thanks for doing our homework Silver Fox !

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