The year is 1981… This song appeared and my life changed.  I bought this 12″ single from the local import store.  Duran Duran will be a memory forever.  I recently saw them, over 30 years later, at Madison Square Garden with my best friend from 30 years ago.  She reminded me about this song from our past and the warm and fuzzy feeling reappeared.  Thank you Duran, and Kelly, for being part of my life.  Simon LeBon still has it and so do we!!

2 responses to “SILVERTUBE – DURAN DURAN

  1. One of your better Silver Fox in the City reviews. Do I know Kelly?

  2. Wow, so weird I thought I’d seen everything the boys have put out! I was shocked to see something new! Damn, I just loved it! I’m in their fan club on FB! Duran Duran forever! Thank you AGAIN for making my day! 🙂 oh and I think I wore that same outfit that Simon wore in the video! CULB CLOTHES! Ha!

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