The suite was on the 17th floor of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.  The date was May 26th to June 2nd 1969.  John and Yoko stayed in bed for 8 days in order to “Give Peace a Chance.”  I recently went to this hotel on vacation, and noticed this book on the counter.  Why John and Yoko?  So I asked and they immediately escorted my friends and myself up to see the “John Lennon Suite.”  This is where I took these photos on the walls.  It was all set up as it was in 1969 except the position of the bed had been moved.  I was thrilled to see history right before my eyes and under my feet.  I ran to buy this book for my collection and the memory.  This is a great holiday gift with warmth and feeling.  A great price for a remarkable memorable and moving chronicle of that wondrous event.  BTW, this book also comes in French!

One response to “ROOM 1742 – MONTREAL, CANADA

  1. That’s so cool! I was just a babe then, but I have always know about what happen! Wish Lennon was still alive today! I wonder what he would say about our world?….k

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