NOW: Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials  (2011)

This is no sophomore slump! “Lay me down” she sings in “What the Water Gave Me.”  Florence is back, bigger and more lush than ever.  She was grand before but now it is a ballroom.  It is dark, romantic and robust.  Goth and Gospel. Florence Welch roars through this album and proves herself to be part of the British Englishwomen of rock, AKA Siouxsie, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey.  All of them, I’m a huge fan of.  The scale of this music is inflated and turbulent and it will send chills up and down your skin.  Dark shadows is a Ceremony!

THEN:  Siouxsie and and The Banshees – A Kiss in the Dreamhouse (1982)

Florence and Siouxsie should really do a duet  together.  The Queens of British Goth unite!  Florence is the new goth and Siouxsie is royalty.  I felt that this 1982 album had the same lush and grand sound that is part of Florence’s current sound.  The song “Melt” is a classic from this album and worth a listen. The scale and grandiose feeling makes you want to put on your velvet robe and prance through a wistfully enchanted forest.

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