A blend of Ruby Pink and White grapefruit makes this candle POP! The bright yellow glass vessel will brighten up any room! Last year I received two of these candles on the same night at my birthday dinner. Great minds think alike. Thanks, guys! I had to slowly burn out my last candle in anticipation to start using the new Adler addition to my home. WOW. The wonderful scent is like heaven. It is soft and dreamy. Even when the candle is not burning the glorious smell still permeates in the room. This candle is the signature scent of “SoulCycle,” the new trendy spin class haven in NYC. Thanks Jonathan for making a candle that is a breath of fresh air!


  1. That’s something I really want to try. The candles I have really don’t hve that much fragrance.

  2. I think I can smell that candle as I’m writing you! I’ll try and pick up one of these, should make the winter blues, smell fresh like Spring!! Thanks!!

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