Hair: A Silver Shine



It’s coming soon, so begin to refresh your mind. The 1968 production of Hair is coming to Broadway, hippies and all!  Last summer the production was held in Central Park for a limited time, so for those who missed it (like me) you can now go see it on Broadway.  Get your tickets now!  I highly recommend going back in time with the original Broadway cast soundtrack. Remember the original cast recordings are always the most authentic from the time period. Let some sunshine into your life. Let it all hang out!

2 responses to “Hair: A Silver Shine

  1. I love to let it all hang out and I love Hair. Hopefully it will make it’s way to Los Angeles. But I will say, having them do a performance in Central Park is soooo fantastic and I’m sorry I missed that.

  2. I want to go this summer! I will be home in August for a few weeks.

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