Music Maniac: The Trilogy of Morrissey


March is the month of Morrissey. For the past few years, Morrissey has been making some of the most ferocious music starting in 2004 with “You are the Quarry”. His new band is a great compliment to his biting lyrics. The best since the old days of The Smiths. He follows this path in 2006 with “Ringleader of the Tormentors”, another pumped up collection of music. This month’s 2009 “Years of Refusal”, is music that attacks!  Rock’n’ roll that is best played loud is perfect to get the juices flowing. The trilogy of these three CDs brings him to a new place.  I’m looking forward to see how this trilogy ends and how he will evolve. This month Morrissey will be playing the most elegant of places Carnegie Hall.  Lets see how he rips it to threads! I will let you know!

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