Baltimore is the home of this new dreamy band called simply Beach House. Their latest CD is called Teen Dream. I’m in love with this music. It has such a mellow vibe. Emotional music that just makes you float on a cloud. The entire album has the same mood which makes it nice even as background music as I write Silver Fox in The City. Occasionally the music sounds like a warped old record from your 70’s stereo. It then straightens out. Don’t worry, it is supposed to sound that way. Toasted mushy marshmallows on the bonfire music.


  1. Sounds so relaxing. Would love to hear it. just got home from a long walk in the park at Ft . Totten and am pooped. Relaxing time.

  2. U r right on the money w/the dreamy feeling this music makes u almost fall asleep !! LOL !! I liked it & even started to paint while it was playing in background……..Very smooth….

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