Baltimore is the home of this new dreamy band called simply Beach House. Their latest CD is called Teen Dream. I’m in love with this music. It has such a mellow vibe. Emotional music that just makes you float on a cloud. The entire album has the same mood which makes it nice even as background music as I write Silver Fox in The City. Occasionally the music sounds like a warped old record from your 70’s stereo. It then straightens out. Don’t worry, it is supposed to sound that way. Toasted mushy¬†marshmallows on the bonfire music.


  1. Sounds so relaxing. Would love to hear it. just got home from a long walk in the park at Ft . Totten and am pooped. Relaxing time.

  2. U r right on the money w/the dreamy feeling this music makes u almost fall asleep !! LOL !! I liked it & even started to paint while it was playing in background……..Very smooth….

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