Music Maniac: Tracey Thorn “Love and its Opposite”

Tracey Thorn “Love and its Opposite”

NOW (2010)

Divorce, Hormones, Singles Bars, This should get you interested already. Tracey’s warm and wonderful voice is showcased here in her new stripped down masterpiece. Mostly piano, cello and other instruments gives her voice a outstanding vocal performance. We all know her from “Everything but the Girl”. Well it is time to get to know the new Everybody Girl. Relax and enjoy Tracey’s new mature and personal world.

Susanna Hoffs- When Your a Boy

THEN (1991)

Another side project that is deep and personal. This time from the lead vocalist from The Bangles. I have always felt that Susanna has a warm and amazing voice. I think her vocal style was under-rated! This CD which I dug out from my collection is a great classic to go back to. The songs are all written with heart and realism.

One response to “Music Maniac: Tracey Thorn “Love and its Opposite”

  1. Yeah, I still listen to “Everything but the Girl” …..Great background music for cocktail party….. I will also look forward to Susanna’s new CD….She really was the Bangles for me….Thanks….

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