I love everything about this new body of work by the photographer Ryan McGinley. I was lucky to go to the gallery opening–but the 3,000 people on the streets of Soho made it impossible to view the art. I went back a few weeks later when there were only 10 people around. A much better view. For those of you who missed the show, I would run and buy this limited edition book from Dashwood. Ryan’s books are very collectable! I was able to get mine personally signed by Ryan. Yes I have connections. It pays to be nice. The title of this work is named after a classic Neil Young record…I love that!! A conversation between Ryan and Catherine Opie starts out this wonderful collection of black and white photos.

One response to “EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE- Ryan McGinley

  1. Love it ! How cool is that lady jumping off the side of a cliff in the nude….I think I had this dream before….Really !

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