HORROR DRAG-Dina Martina

Anyone heading to P-Town this summer? You must go see Dina Martina perform. She lives in P-town for the summer and her shows are nightly. Last year I was greeted by her on the street giving out flyers for the show. I was like what type of crap is this?? Little did I know that this was cheerful and dark at the same time. She gives you gifts, but full of blood and poop. I have never heard such #$*&$*% up versions of rock classics from the 70’s. Chicago…Billy Joel…Alice Cooper… to Oasis’s “Wonderwall”! Don’t expect La Cage here! This is creative, funny and charming. I was lucky to catch her sold out shows in New York in June. She is my darling!!

One response to “HORROR DRAG-Dina Martina

  1. Drag proliferates the gay stereotypes.

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