Most of you know who Herb Ritts was, but recently I was talking with some new friends and I was shocked that Herb Ritts was not a common house hold name. I immediately felt I need to include him in my “who are you?” section. The photographer Herb Ritts was my idol in the years 1987- 1990. These years he produced much of his signature works. He also put out many books. I also started my photography collection around that time with a SPLURGE on a RITTS. MY friend pushed me into it and I never regretted it. My collection blossomed in the years to follow. I still only have one Ritts, but I do have almost all his coffee table books. He past away from AIDS, but his work will carry on. Please run and check it out. The beauty of his work will never be forgotten.

3 responses to “WHO ARE YOU? HERB RITTS

  1. What a artist ! Love his work….Doesn’t everyone look great in Blk n White !

  2. Bought my Ritts in the late 90’s, scrimped and saved then ran to Staley Wise. Love that photo to this day. He could use some more recognition!


  3. I used my severance from a job to purchase mine! Still love it,


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