Well, time flies.   She is now 19 years old and the favorite subject of photographer Hedi Slimane.  We all saw Frances Bean Cobain when she was a little girl with her blond hair and wide eyes, then she was gone.  Frances is grown up and has become the darling of the fashion world.  Are we surprised?  I was very excited about this photo shoot.  Hedi has photographed her mother Courtney Love for a now out-of-print book.  I guess it’s a mother/daughter moment.  Feels like teen spirit all over again 20 years later.  Just in time for Nirvana’s 20th anniversary.

One response to “WHO ARE YOU? – MS. COBAIN

  1. Damn! She’s beautiful! That’s so cool, she has her Mom’s lips! Has it been almost 20 yr’s?

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