The Day the World Turned Day Glo was 1978 when Poly Styrene the punk singer of this band released this album.  I purchased this in the early 80’s and loved her cockney accent and brashness.  It was new for punk to be led by a female singer.  She also had a sweetness to her voice and personality.   She recently passed away at 53 and I wanted to pay tribute to her in my blog.  This classic album is a must for any music collector.  It is on every critic’s list as a pioneer album in a era that won’t be forgotten.  She played CBGB in 1978 and made “Oh Bondage!” an anthem.  She also influenced so many female singers that followed her.  She loved the designer Vivienne Westwood where she developed her own personal style.  As she sang “Warrior in Woolworth’s,” she will be remembered as a the original Commander!

3 responses to “MUSIC MANIAC – X-RAY SPEX

  1. I must say I’m not familiar with this group, but judging by the album cover I’m sure I would love them! So sad to hear anyone passing at 53….. I would love to have this album cover blown up & on my wall! Is she like a mix of Blondie and the clash???

  2. We saw X-Ray Specs in punk club in London in 1079. They were pure raw stripped down punk band. Poly Styrene was primal. She was inspirational.RIP

  3. typo. we saw X-Ray Specs in 1979.

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