This “busybody” Mr. Magoo was one of the cartoons that flooded my youthful mind after school.  I think I just loved saying his name.  Mr. Magoo – The Television Collection was just released and if you are inclined to, then go for it!  Who was Mr. Magoo?  What was Mr. Magoo and who does he think he was?  This little man with large thick glasses was voiced by Jim Backus.  Colorful and flamboyant, Mr. Magoo was innovative and stayed on top from 1960-1977.  Magoo Who?

2 responses to “BLAST FROM THE PAST – MR.MAGOO

  1. I remember him well with fondness and nostalga.

  2. Wow I haven’t thought about him in so long! He was a cool little dude! :o)

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