Spring 2012 is around the corner and our first big snow storm has not even happened yet.  The seasons seem to be on a wacky merry-go-round.  Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton showed his Spring/Summer collection on a life-size carousel.  Off the white horses came the parade of Pastel Princesses.  The advertising campaign by Steven Meisel is soft and sweet, yet bold and graphic.  Pointy Metal Tips on the elegant shoes are parading around this soft toned town.  All I can say is REFRESHING.

2 responses to “WHO SCREAMS FOR ICE CREAM?!

  1. Have your seen the latest pictures of Prada shoes? They are a take-off on the old cars. I’ll sae the pictures, or mail them to you.

  2. Wow, it’s soooooo Girlie Girl! Fresh! Bright! Nice! :o)

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