NOW: Rumer – Seasons of My Soul (2010)

I heard a Rumer! She is not Rumer Willis just in case you got confused like I did. Instead she is the new British voice to top the charts. Her new album called Seasons of my Soul is easy listening in that groovy-mellow-Sunday-afternoon kinda way.   Karen Carpenter meets Dusty Springfield.  Rumer is the “goodbye girl.”  She covers the David Gates song from the movie of the same name.  Her voice is so smooth and crystal clear that it will clear a path back to the 70’s am radio days.
THEN: K.D. Lang – Drag (1997)

Remember this one?  This was one of K.D.’s smoothest albums to date.  This music felt like smoke going up into the air and floating on top of your living room.  Lounge Lizard.  Mellow Mama.  I loved this music in 1997 and still believe it is one of her best.  After listening to Rumer, I immediately thought of Drag.  There are also cover versions of songs on Drag from the 60’s and 70’s.  This was her Season of her Soul.

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