White frames, White walls, White lights, and “100 Headless Women” is the topic for Max Snow. This talented photographer is exhibiting his concept at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts from March 2nd to April 7th. These bold images are beautiful and mysterious on so many levels . The large scale of these photos are magical. I want one on my wall now! Run to see this show and the wonderful transformation of these Goddesses.

As The Glimmer Twins Mick and Keith said:

Some girls give me money
Some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry
That I never thought I’d own
Some girls give me diamonds
Some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to
I don’t ever want it back
Some girls give me jewelry
Others buy me clothes
Some girls give me children
I never asked them for

One response to “SOME GIRLS

  1. Wow! I haven’t taken the time to look at ur blog and I was so excited by these fantastic images! Love them! And that poem is just great! Thanks for sharing!

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