POC is the newest trend in men’s and women’s fashion for spring 2012.  I love this term and I’m going to dare to try it.  Pop Of Color is exactly like it sounds.  Dare to be different.  I love these military belts by 7 Hill in orange and lime green boys.   The military will have fun with these!  White jeans, black tee shirt and your POC and your set.  Also sneakers are a great way to get a POC into your wardrobe.  Piperlime.com offers these belts for $30.00 so treat yourself and turn your military look into a passion fruit FRENZY.

One response to “POC, POC, POC – POP OF COLOR

  1. Funny, I have a baby blue one belt from the Gap, just like these thats a least ten years old! I would like a white one….. Have a great day! 🙂

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