Now: REAL ESTATE  – DAYS  (2011)

Spring is coming!  It is time to INVEST in some REAL ESTATE.  “Jingle Jangle” is the best way to describe this band.  Its mood is soft and fresh.  A great way to start a new season.  The vocals are floaty and ethereal and has a 60’s surf sound.  Lazy days of spring and summer with Frisbee in hand.  These are the kind of DAYS we all want.  Green grass and long walks in the park.  Remember the Byrds are singing. . .


After listening to the new band Real Estate, it brought me back to the pleasant sound of The Byrds. I remember this greatest hits album cover so vividly from my big sisters’ album collection. These records were lining up against a wall or on a sleek white shelf surrounded by a printed wallpaper so colorful and wild that it could easily have been a box of crayola crayons gone wild. Shag carpet galore too. My music maniac craze began here and it was a wonderful world of exploration in sound and vision.

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