So what is this, Girls Gone Wild?  Hasn’t she always been a little. . . I don’t understand all the fuss. Is she “Too Old To Rock and Roll” Madonna’s way?  Her new CD MDNA is full of fun pop and even some hokey lyrics.  People think she is too old to sing such silly nonsense.  I like the songs a lot and they are fun and very typical Madonna.  Does this mean she can’t chew gum, too?

4 responses to “BUBBLICIOUS – MDNA – MADONNA

  1. It’s too bad this pic of her is photoshopped to within an inch of its life! She looks younger than her daughter!

  2. I think she will go on for a very long time. Her following is amazing. For her age she is!

  3. I still don’t get it??? I love the new. Album??? People always are so critical of Madge!!! She still rules!!!!

  4. David Tenenbaum

    Madonna looks great! Love this picture! Have to get into the new album.

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