Men and boys.  Ready, set, go!  Run and buy this style of boot in any color and any material:  Canvas, suede, leather.  As long as it has this general shape then you’re good to go.  Roll up those jeans.  Hem a bit short and show off that boot.  This trend in shoes in not going anywhere.  At least one pair is necessary now!

MARC DID IT AGAIN – Hello Dr. Seuss!

Louis Vuitton has gone zany and kooky for this coming Fall 2012 season.  Where are these women going?  Wherever it is I want to follow.  It looks like a lot of fun!  Mix and Match and Match and Mix, and top it all off with a Seuss-ish hat.  This is mad cap fashion and I love it!  These are no ordinary “Bag Ladies”!


Photographer Ryan McGinley is one of my favorites! He is the king of capturing his generation’s youth-quake.  Finally this long awaited book called “Whistle for The Wind” is his first major monograph of many of his years of work.  His sense of color is explosive and this is a great introduction to this influential and devilish artist.  His photo of the ecstatic crowd was taken at a Morrissey concert in which Ryan followed him on tour.  Two of my idols!


This 1968 color explosion of mod animation is now bigger, brighter, and better. This classic Beatles film was out of print, and is now available on DVD. I ordered it on presale and it will arrive at my door and right onto my flat screen with new visuals and sound. The larger the screen the better. Just don’t sink into the walls. Visual visual visual.


Silver Tube returns with one of my favorite songs from the new Jack White album called Blunderbuss.  He shed his White Stripes for this new solo record, “Love Interruption” — Love the female gang of musicians and singers who join on this track and others.  Jack has no problem finding Jill.  Enjoy!


This is a must see! Christopher Plummer gives an Academy Award winning performance. This is a sweet and creative movie about life. Touching with a clear message. It’s never too late! If you missed this in the theater, then get the DVD from where I buy all my DVDs . This one’s a keeper.


PARFAIT – Who doesn’t like a Chocolate or Peanut Butter Parfait?  I recently rediscovered this 30 calorie treat.  At work around 3:30 I announce “Nip Time” and they all come running!  This gets us through the day.  A low-cal smart pick-me-up is sugar full but  just enough.  What a blast from the past.  Even the packaging has not changed.  I guess it’s not broken.  One per customer please. . .