This 1968 color explosion of mod animation is now bigger, brighter, and better. This classic Beatles film was out of print, and is now available on DVD. I ordered it on presale and it will arrive at my door and right onto my flat screen with new visuals and sound. The larger the screen the better. Just don’t sink into the walls. Visual visual visual.


Silver Tube returns with one of my favorite songs from the new Jack White album called Blunderbuss.  He shed his White Stripes for this new solo record, “Love Interruption” — Love the female gang of musicians and singers who join on this track and others.  Jack has no problem finding Jill.  Enjoy!


This is a must see! Christopher Plummer gives an Academy Award winning performance. This is a sweet and creative movie about life. Touching with a clear message. It’s never too late! If you missed this in the theater, then get the DVD from Amazon.com where I buy all my DVDs . This one’s a keeper.


PARFAIT – Who doesn’t like a Chocolate or Peanut Butter Parfait?  I recently rediscovered this 30 calorie treat.  At work around 3:30 I announce “Nip Time” and they all come running!  This gets us through the day.  A low-cal smart pick-me-up is sugar full but  just enough.  What a blast from the past.  Even the packaging has not changed.  I guess it’s not broken.  One per customer please. . .


Give me a good book signing and I’m there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m forever running to get a signed book.  Not to be a “Debbie Downer” but at Rachel Dratch’s event I didn’t buy her book therefore no signing for me.  I love Rachel and all her characters, but breast pumping and single white females in bars is just not my cup of tea.


Jeffrey sure knows how to pick ’em.  His annual fund raiser here in NYC has the fashion crowd roaring. They come to see his all male runway show which features the latest in designer men’s Spring fashion. The Blondes came out and were all so friendly.

Kate Upton – Gorgeous Model Mania!

Chloe Sevigny – Bowie fan and Actress Indie!

Andrej Pejic – Model and Style Leader! Nice revisit.  I met him last year. (Click on this post.)

Not a Blonde (yet?!) – Ivan Bart – the genius behind IMG models.  Thank you Ivan for all the introductions and a great evening of fun and helping many wonderful causes thru Jeffrey Fashion Cares.


Silver Fox in a new city!  CHICAGO.  I was so excited to walk to this massive coffee bean. The reflection of the windy city on this SILVER sculpture was magnificent. My silver hair also reflected to shine like a rapid speed of light.  I’m not a coffee drinker and actually prefer tea but it didn’t matter.  Silver and shiny is how I like it!


It is time to revisit this Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice masterpiece.  This 1970 recording was from London and this is the one to get! Not the one from the movie, or from the many others that exist. A new version is now playing on Broadway and I’m having mixed feelings. This original is how I remember the music and a new version may not live up to my expectations. The eerie and dramatic music was enchanting and also horrifying to me as a child. Judas and King Herod, and Pontius Pilate were such interesting characters in the movie version which followed. “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” sung by Yvonne Elliman stands out as a song that is soothing and dramatic and a classic. The first “Rock Opera” influenced many to follow to even this day. Webber /Rice certainly have made their mark.


So what is this, Girls Gone Wild?  Hasn’t she always been a little. . . I don’t understand all the fuss. Is she “Too Old To Rock and Roll” Madonna’s way?  Her new CD MDNA is full of fun pop and even some hokey lyrics.  People think she is too old to sing such silly nonsense.  I like the songs a lot and they are fun and very typical Madonna.  Does this mean she can’t chew gum, too?


Now: REAL ESTATE  – DAYS  (2011)

Spring is coming!  It is time to INVEST in some REAL ESTATE.  “Jingle Jangle” is the best way to describe this band.  Its mood is soft and fresh.  A great way to start a new season.  The vocals are floaty and ethereal and has a 60’s surf sound.  Lazy days of spring and summer with Frisbee in hand.  These are the kind of DAYS we all want.  Green grass and long walks in the park.  Remember the Byrds are singing. . .


After listening to the new band Real Estate, it brought me back to the pleasant sound of The Byrds. I remember this greatest hits album cover so vividly from my big sisters’ album collection. These records were lining up against a wall or on a sleek white shelf surrounded by a printed wallpaper so colorful and wild that it could easily have been a box of crayola crayons gone wild. Shag carpet galore too. My music maniac craze began here and it was a wonderful world of exploration in sound and vision.